Frangipani Cuttings

Hi Everyone,

All photos of the cuttings are taken by us of the actual plants for sale when they were in flower.

Pickup is available in store at Allfish2u Aquarium.

All cuttings will be individually labelled and you can be guaranteed that they will be true to type as they are all from our own personal collection.

Orders can be delivered by courier, this will be charged at the same rate as fish as we use couriers to ship.

Within the Sydney area, $15 most other areas $20. However there are a few exceptions to certain areas as some areas have a surcharge, and if we list large pieces, if this is the case we will notify you (and we cannot send them to WA, NT or TAS Sorry). 

Cuttings will be a minimum of 30cm total length and will have all leaves removed. However if a branch is straight down and is longer than 30cm, the entire stem will be removed in one piece and you will have this for no extra charge. for example if a branch of our mother plant is forked in a 'Y' shape and one side is 36cm and the other side is 53cm, one person will get a 36cm cutting and the other will get a 53cm cutting etc for the same price.

Limited quantity available, get in quick while they last 



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