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UPDATED  13.10.21

Please note that fish are added to the online store when they are in stock and we do our best to ensure there is enough stock for all orders. Orders are packed in the order that they are received and can sometimes run out by the time we get to the next order. Usually if we run out of something, we will try to contact you to see if you wish to substitute, cancel that line of fish, or if applicable wait until we can get some more in to fulfil your order. Any stock enquiries should be done via email - please do not call the store as the person you are speaking to may not know what is happening as the Retail store and Online store are managed by different people.

Please see the Freight Information Page before ordering. Placing an order signs that you have read and agreed to the information and terms.


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26 products found in LIVE FISH

White Cloud Mountain Minnow 2cm
  • $3.95
Golden White Cloud 2cm
  • $3.95
Golden White Cloud 2.5cm
  • $4.95
Golden Pencilfish 2.5cm
  • $4.95
Celebes Rainbow 2cm
  • $5.95
Green Panchax 3cm
  • $7.95
Firetail Gudgeon 3.5cm
  • $7.95
Golden Wonder Panchax 3cm
  • $7.95
Siamese Algae Eater 3.5cm
  • $8.95
Blue Paradise Fish 3.5cm
  • $9.95
Paradise Fish 4cm
  • $12.50
Gardneri Killifish 2.5cm
  • $12.95
Empire Gudgeon 3cm
  • $12.95
Celebes rainbow 3cm
  • $12.95
Paradise Fish 6cm
  • $13.95
Golden Wonder Panchax 3cm x 2
  • $15.00
Macropodus spechti Paradise Fish 3-4cm
  • $16.95
Blue Paradise Fish 4cm
  • $19.95