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UPDATED 20.08.22

Please note the cut off time for orders is 9pm on Sundays, for shipping in the next few days (Mon/Tues/Wed)

Any orders placed after this we cannot guarantee delivery the same week, and may be shipped the week after. This mostly affects orders combined with Plants, as most of these are specially ordered in to be sent out fresh on the orders. (sometimes fish may need to be ordered if we do run low though)

If we can and have spare packing time, we will try to send out any orders that are placed after the cut off though to get them to you as early as possible.

On the day that your order is despatched, you will be emailed tracking information. It is vital that if the delivery is not showing up as 'Onboard for delivery' the following day, that you contact us and also contact the courier company on your end to follow up the package. If you can see potential issues for delivery in your local area (for example flooding, or flooding in areas that are generally used to deliver to you) then you should contact us before sending the order as the courier company will accept all packages regardless of if there is no chance they will be delivered safely.

24 products found in NEW ARRIVALS

Neolamprologus brevis sunspot
  • $24.50
Amatitlania sajica
  • $24.50
columbian tetra
  • $5.50
Madagascar Rainbowfish
  • $27.50
Blind cave tetra
  • $5.50
Buenos Aires tetra
  • $5.50
palmeri tetra
  • $5.50
Clown Loach 5cm
  • $22.50
Neolamprologus pulchur daffadil 3-5cm
  • $22.50
Neolamprologus Walteri 3-6cm
  • $27.50
andinoacara coeruleopunctatus 4cm
  • $39.00
rendahls eel tail catfish 6cm
  • $32.95
Australian Archer fish 7cm
  • $55.00
butis butis crazy fish 8cm
  • $49.00
Crimson Tide 3-4cm
  • $16.50
aulonocara usisya (pure) 4cm
  • $17.95
Harlequin Rasbora 2.5cm
  • $5.50
Lyre Tail Molly 4cm
  • $7.95