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UPDATED 22/02/2024

Please note the cut off time for orders is 11:59pm on Sunday, for shipping in the next few days (Mon/Tues/Wed)

The 'What's Hot' section on our website is a little collection of some of the cooler/rarer fish that we have in stock and also fish that we think look good at Allfish2u. Hope you enjoy :)

6 products found in What's HOT

neolamprologus sexfasciatus gold 3.5-4cm (VERY RARE)
  • $80.00
Haplochromis SP.44 ThickSkin Cichlid 4cm
  • $36.50
tropheops chilumba (RARE) 5cm
  • $32.50
Albino Royal Whiptail Catfish 8-10cm
  • $220.00
Pin Striped Damba Cichlid 4cm
  • $180.00
Napoensis Galaxy Corydoras 3cm
  • $22.50